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BIG aka John Cerne was born December 8, 1988, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. His family is of Haitian decent. As a child BIG attended M.L.K Elementary school where he joined the marching Band. He was very interested in music and started playing the Bass Drum. Even though he loved playing the Bass Drum, he still would sneak into the Band room to play other instruments for fun. In the 5th grade BIG met a white gentleman by the name of Robert Leach. Robert attended West Lauderdale Baptist Church along with BIG. Robert in time became BIG’s mentor. Robert exposed BIG to many different genres of music. Metallica, DCI, Beastie Boys, Christian Gospel music, etc. Robert also taught BIG more about playing instruments. He learned the fundamentals of playing the piano. Even learned how to play the drums and play better patterns. Robert thought BIG would be good with the Trombone so he gave him one to practice with. BIG liked the Trombone and continued to play it in the Middle School Band.

Around 7th grade BIG started to write music, which began as poetry. With lots of influence from his elders and peers, he continued to write his music. Towards the end of middle school, BIG started free-stlying and recording sessions with neighborhood friends. After realized the music he was writing was good, BIG felt “too cool” to play the Trombone in the Band anymore. BIG practices writing music nonstop, this helped him to develop a strong lyrical and vocal craft.

Before Middle school was over, BIG was introduced to a beat making program called “Fruity Loops” from his cousin. His cousin showed him the basics of the program and how to produce music. BIG learned the program quick and started making good tracks. As word got around that he was doing music, he started meeting other local artists and DJ’s in his neighborhood.

As BIG got to High school, he was still getting better at producing and writing. He began to meet other people that gave him more ideas about music and what’s “hot”. He continued to study what was “hot” until he put his own little project together. BIG passed the little project he did around school free. The reviews for the project were really good.

BIG was friends with a DJ named DJ PITT aka Tommy Bollig. The two decided to join forces and make music together. This idea eventually turned into Demo Squad Entertainment. They began recording and planning their takeover throughout high school. After high school finances got tough for both BIG and DJ PITT. This caused the music to come to a stop. BIG and DJ PITT both worked jobs here and there to make ends meet. One day, BIG was hanging out with a friend from high school Jon Perrier. Jon started talking to BIG about getting his music going again. After a couple more meetings Demolition Squad Entertainment was back on its feet, with Jon Perrier as the CEO. BIG was back to producing beats and writing music. Now BIG has three Free mix-tapes and an album for sale. BIG has been constantly working, whether it be creating beats for himself or others, trying to get other local artist to feature on his music, or doing shows. BIG is trying to do everything in life just like his name “BIG”.


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